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I grew up among the swamps of Lake Charles Louisianna.  I hold a special place in my heart for Spanish moss and have a king cake every year for my birthday since it falls so close to mardi gras. I spent my childhood roaming the backwoods catching tadpoles, climbing trees, wading across creeks all the while  photographing my adventures along the way.  


Growing up my family was nomadic so most of my adventures were solo explorations on foot through forrest trails or on my bike on hilly, winding country roads. After Louisianna it was Tennessee, then Indiana and then I was sequestered to the deserts of Arizona for 11 years where I spent my high school and college years.  I was always obsessed with capturing memories and was on my junior high, high school and college newspapers.  My original major in college was photojournalism, but in my sophomore year of college I switched to Art Photography.  

​After college I moved to California to pursue my photographic dreams and learn to surf.  Unfortunately surfing is not as easy as it looks so I didn't end up spending as much time in the water as I though I would, but a lot of memories were made but eventually 


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